sejarah reog ponorogo

history of reog ponorogo 
of course you not foreign again with artistry reog ponorogo. of course you ever have seen to show it not? besides console, pertuju this also contain mystical element. do you know this artistry history, here's glance about history and how does dance staging reog ponorogo. 
 or history 
follow story births artistry reog begun
in the year saka 900. behind the story about trip prabu wanderer sewadana, work king bantarangin that is looking for the queen candidate. with cavalier, and ptih loyal, bujangganong. final the heart idol girl has been found, goddess sanggalangit, daughter kediri. but the daughter decides condition so that the prabu creat a new artistry beforehand before he gets to love the king. so from there created artistry reog. 
form reog even also actually be a teasing allusion from demang ki ageng flea suryongalam towards majapahit, prabu brawijaya v that have a title bhree kertabumi not yet carry out task – kingdom task according to orderly, fair, and wealthy. because king power is dominated or influenced even controlled by pemaisuri. 
from story here's origin – suggestion reog ponorogo, the king mengiaskan sebaga tiger at wheel or influenced by the queen or peacock. 
art development reog at that time then betahan and bloom. initially as media to mensindir king, ahir bloom as direct communication media to society. follow first regent ponorogo, word reog come from word riyokkun the meaning means khusnul khotimah. according to him, although entire human life trips is smeared with various sin and stain, when does aware and believe in final pious in god very one. to describe history trip ponorogo belong art reog, every year regency government ponorogo spread out ritual history glance reog by pemkab ponorogo. while to preserve art existence reog self, every year also spreaded out festivals reog national and reog mini. 
 or presentation form plot 
? theme/ brainchild 
history and part – part from dance reog ponorogo. 
? scene 
staging plot reog that is warok, then jatilan, bujangganong, sudden peacock at endding. when does one of [the] element on in action, element other or move or dance although doesn't jut. 
art reog ponorogo consist of several series 2 until 3 opening dances. 
first dance usually is brought by 6-8 heroic man with clothes completely black, with face is polished to ruddle. this dancers describes lion figure daredevil. 
next dance that brought by 6 – 8 girls that climb horse. after this dance is finished, new dtampil kernel scene its contents depends on kodisi where is art reog displayed. scene in reog usually doesn't follow that scenario. here always there interaction between player and mastermind and sometimes – sometimes with onlooker. sometimes a player that stage can be replaced by player other when does player exhaustion. more mempentingkan in art staging reog give satisfaction to onlooker. 
adagan latest lion barong, where does executant wear lion head formed mask with crown made from peacock feather. heavy this mask can achieve 50 – 60 kg. ttopeng heavy this brought by the dancer with tooth. ability to bring this mask besides is got with heavy practice, also trusted got with practice spiritual like fasting and tapa. 
 or element – supporter element 
? accompaniment music 
castanets that used a kind of kendang and there also castanets likes angklung,  and kemung. castanets that used there is no the official rule, art important out sound – bunyian lively,  and bertalu constantly, dung- dung. 
while the companion instrument, kempul, knock, konong, grasp, a small hand drum, anglung and pelok that show mystical atmosphere, strange, exotic dansekaligus arouse passion. 
? costume 
? warok 
± use clothes completely black with face is polished to ruddle. 
? jatilan 
± black trousers 
± jarik 
± white shirt 
± udeng (headband) 
? bujangganong 
± shorts rempang 
± singlet reog 
± wear mask 
? kelono sewandono 
± wear queen clothes 
± crown 
± whip 
? barongan 
± black slacks 
± singlet reog